What to do

It's common to head a list of activities with a selection of Must Do's. Such is not the case with the Maldives, where visitors are compelled to do nothing more than enjoy themselves, which could be easily accomplished by wandering the few steps from their villa to a beachside hammock.

That said, the diving in the Maldives has few parallels anywhere in the world, abd the same applies to most marine activities. Spa treatments form the gilt on a very tasty slice of gingerbread; and there can be few more quirky national capitals than Malé, a mirage-like conurbation bypassed by the majority of sun-sand-sea-and-scuba-fixated visitors. It's small wonder that the Maldives are often first choice for honeymooners; in a similar vein, it is difficult to write an introduction such as this without resorting to the word "paradise"

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